About Pono Soap

PONO SOAP is a woman-run small business subsidiary of the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS), a Hawaii-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to stop human-trafficking in Hawaii and the poverty that contributes to its growth. PASS is responsible for major policy changes in Hawaii affecting survivors of human trafficking including the state's first labor and sex trafficking laws. PASS's goals are to help provide holistic healing of human trafficking survivors and services to those who are exceptionally vulnerable to trafficking, such as the houseless community. 

PASS offers direct basic needs support to help heal and empower survivors, conducts street outreach to unidentified or unrecognized victims and high risk victims, educates the public about the growing problem of human trafficking, advocates for policy change to protect victims of human-trafficking and the houseless, and ensures the enforcement of such policies. 

PONO SOAP produces organic vegan handmade soap and vegetarian beauty care with ethically sourced ingredients, FREE of SLS/SLES, artificial dyes, and pesticides. PONO SOAP is also 100% cruelty-free. No animal testing. A portion of every sale benefits houseless families and survivors of human trafficking.

Recently, Hawaii was ranked with the highest rate of homelessness, per capita, in the U.S.—the fastest growing population: families with children. A recent report issued by Loyola University and Covenant House reveals that houseless youth are exceptionally at risk for human trafficking. 

In 2016, PASS succeeded in co-drafting and passing Hawaii's first sex-trafficking ban. This was a legislative milestone that took 11 years to accomplish. PASS and PONO SOAP continue the necessary work to fight human trafficking and help survivors. 

Striving for justice TAKES A VILLAGE. Mahalo for joining the movement to end poverty in Hawai’i, one family at a time. 

- the PONO SOAP team
(photo below by Chase Simmons)


Ethically Sourced Ingredients

PONO SOAP is always free of harmful chemicals like SLS and SLES, artificial dyes, chemical colorants, pesticides, and is 100% cruelty-free. 

We do not use palm oil, which contributes to deforestation. PONO SOAP takes pride in making sure that the manufacture of our ingredients does not involve exploitative labor practices, child labor, or human trafficking. 

Contact us at: team@ponosoap.com

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